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An African continent where women are treated with respect and dignity; where they enjoy equal privileges as humans, express their minds and exercise their duties without fear of intimidation.


To work towards the attainment of making the African woman live with pride and honour and without the fear of intimidation.

Core Values

Integrity, Care, Love, Honesty ,Will, Volunteerism, Transparency and Chastity


To provide a platform through which the African women can exchange ideas capable of aiding rapid ‘women development’. Enlighten, empower and inspire women to take action in issues relating to ‘women development’. And to assist the African woman in the attainment of her full potentials in whatever endeavour she chooses. Assist vulnerable women; especially indigent women, Young girls, Single Mothers, Widows and the Physically challenged females towards achieving their aims in life. Create a Network capable of synergizing the peculiar challenges facing the women of Africa into one big movement with the aim of aiding the rapid progression of African women to the mainstream of the society. Aid the proper integration of women in the daily life of the nation. Provide human capital development training and other forms of support for unemployed young people. Provide assistance to women with health issues; most especially Cancer victims

The building blocks

  • Research

  • Awareness

  • building/campaign

  • Networking and

  • mobilization

  • Dialogue

  • Lobbying