The Agro Allied business industry in Nigeria has huge yet to be tapped potentials capable of aiding in Nigeria’s fight against the current unemployment challenges and extreme poverty. Researches show that there are huge potentials in the production and exportation of Cocoa, Coffee, Cassava, Cashew Nuts, et.c. at the International level, while Animal Husbandry and food crops production hold the aces for local market focus. The Lady of Africa AGRO Club is designed to pool together the resources available in the Agro Allied business in Nigeria through enlightenment and education for the benefit of willing Nigerians across the various socioeconomic divides.

Key Areas of Interest

  • Production

  • Training

  • Marketing

  • Empowerment / Financial Start up kits

Key Product Focus

  • Cassava

  • Charcoal

  • Cashew

  • Cocoa

  • Palm produce

  • Animal Husbandry– Ram, Fishery, Piggery et.c.

  • Farm Extension

How to participate

There are spaces available to prospective Entrepreneurs in the areas of Farming, marketing and Extension including processing. Participation is preceded by an intensive training in the key areas highlighted above and would be participants are advised to join up to derive the attendant benefits mentioned herein.