AroNaija is a compelling Brand conceived to promote the Nigerian traditional communal social cultures through Education, Enlightenment and Entertainment. Over the years, the Aro (Traditional Dye) has created and rotated wealth within several families and communities across Nigeria. With various types of textile prints created in the dye pots and pits providing means of livelihoods for several Nigerian families across the various communities that make up the country. The AroNaija concept is aimed at empowering the people by promoting Our Cultural Values through the projection of various Textiles Prints made from the Local clothing technologies of the people The Yorubas, located on the South Western fringe of the most populous Black Nation in the World is renowned for their rich Cultural  heritage which is a potpourri of strong norms, colourful and interesting Customs. Aronaija is focused on the values of the Traditional Nigerian Dyes (Aro), its capability as an employer of labour and its values as a means of wealth creation. Our intention therefore is to deploy the values of Aro through Aronaija Street Carnival and Aronaija Empowerment Programme as a market place in our fight against extreme poverty and deprivation.

Modus Operandi:

The Aronaij Street Culture Carnival is a novel idea created by the Lady of Africa Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation to fight against poverty through direct empowerment of the indigent people. Lady of Africa Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation has over the years created a Research Team to work on ways of improving the production process and sustain a Network of Producers of the material across the Country, to ensure a steady Local production and Worldwide sale mechanism. The Foundation has organized the Aronaij Street Culture Carnival and participated in several International festivals to promote the values of the Aro in the Fashion world and as a leveler between the rich and the poor.


Short Term: Our projection which is to revolutionize the way we use the Aro has almost been achieved and we are rapidly marching towards the second stage of the plan, which is to put the Aro products on the same pedestal as the Ankara, Guinea Brocade and other well accepted materials from across the Globe.
Long Term: Our long term projection is to ensure that Aro empowers the people and create sustainable wealth that will be plowed back to their communities to continuously stimulate the Economies of local Communities. In the bid to attain the noble aim of our Long Term Projection, the Foundation has a plan to empower directly 10, 000 producers per year and gradually grow it to 20, 000 producers per year in the first three years; reaching 50, 000 producers per year by Year 2022. We anticipate that by that year, we would have been able to directly empower Two Hundred and Eighty Thousand Producers.Within the same period, we plan to indirectly empower over 5 Million people per year with the plan to reach a conservative 50 Million by the year 2025.


Lady of Africa Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation’ aim and objectives is to create better opportunities for the less privileged people which includes the widows, widowers, orphans, the Physically challenged, and to as well as create a brighter future for the indigent people all over the country in order clear the doubts created by a sense of abandonment and neglect occasioned by the travails of the developing World


Lady of Africa Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation has been endorsed and recognized by the National Council of Arts & Culture and as well as Lagos State Council for Arts & Culture who have collaborated and partnered with Lady of Africa Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation in her activities and future endeavours. We have dared the vision of a better Nigeria; it is your turn to join our distinguished friends from across the Globe in the strive to attain the vision. Thanks.