Women’s Gold Club

The bedrock of family life which happens to be the pivot on which the society gravitates is believed rightly to be the Mother who coincidentally is a woman. It is thus believed that the present and the future of any human Community is dependent on the state of the mind and physical wellbeing of the woman. It is no longer news that women are faced with a series of very critically debilitating issues including, deprivation, rape, sexual harassment, emotional upheavals and social stigmas amongst several other problems. The time for the blame game is over and it is time to take drastic steps towards assuaging this inimical situation; this action must however be orchestrated by those directly concerned with these anomalies; women.


A nation and Continent of highly empowered women who can support themselves and their family and contribute to the development of the society at large towards making our World better


To rapidly aid sustainable ‘women development’ capable of impacting positively on the society and the world at large.


The Lady of Africa Women’s Club is a female driven response to the question of what is right for the growing number of women challenged by their stations in life as WOMEN. It thus aims at teaching the womenfolk how to address these issues without unduly rocking the foundation of our cultural and social interactions as Africans, while not leaving the woman at the mercy of her situation. Consequently, the Lady of Africa Women’s Gold Club will strive through knowledge and financial based empowerment to raise a new wave of Leadership among women to confront the socio-economic challenges of modern living. The lady of Africa Club is specially designed to inspire and invigorate young people and assist women of Africa, most especially the indigent, oppressed and down trodden in their quest for better life and living. The club organizes weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual workshops, seminars, Lectures and other programmes tailored towards enlightening and empowering women in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Home Making and keeping, Motherhood, Networking, Professional growth, Health hazards prevention and Political Participation among others. Programmes are also organized to train other women to take up the responsibility of teaching other women how to ensure the attainment of affirmative action, fight against women peculiar diseases such as Breast Cancer and many more. Membership of the Club is open to all women from all walks of life, while selected men are accorded honorary membership in view of their sensitivity and antecedence in issues concerning women.


  • To be a forum for cross fertilization of ideas among members through which the Organisation will attain its core objectives of charting a direction for Nigerian in particular and African women in general towards the total emancipation of the African woman.
  • To provide a platform through which the African women can exchange ideas capable of aiding rapid ‘women development’ through individual and communal development.
  • To enlighten, empower and inspire women to take action in issues relating to ‘women development’.
  • To assist vulnerable women; especially indigent women, Young girls, Single Mothers, Widows and the Physically challenged females towards achieving their aims in life.
  • To create a Network capable of synergizing the peculiar challenges facing the women of Africa into one big movement with the aim of aiding the rapid progression of African women to the mainstream of the society.
  • To assist the African woman in the attainment of her full potentials in whatever endeavour she chooses.


  • Annual conference

  • Periodic seminars

  • workshops

  • Publicity drives

  • Parliamentary

  • advocacies

  • Women mobilization